Taxes on Selling a San Diego Home in California: What to Expect

Selling your home can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor, especially when navigating California’s intricate tax landscape. If you’re considering selling your San Diego home, you must be well informed about the various taxes and expenses you may have to pay.

Capital Gains Tax

One of the primary taxes you’ll need to consider when selling a home in San Diego, California, is the capital gains tax. This tax is exacted from the profit you make from selling your home, which can be 0%, 15%, or 20%. While there are exceptions and exclusions available, it’s essential to understand the basic principles.

In California, the capital gains tax is based on the contrast between the sale price of your home and its adjusted tax basis. Your adjusted tax basis includes the original purchase price of the property, any capital improvements you’ve made, and various other factors. You may qualify for a reduced rate or exclusion depending on your income and the time you’ve owned the property.

California Transfer Taxes

When selling a home in California, you’ll also encounter transfer taxes. These taxes are typically split between the buyer and the seller, and the rates may vary depending on the location of your property. In San Diego County, the transfer tax rate is currently at $1.10 per $1,000 of the sale price. This means that on a $500,000 home sale, you’d be responsible for a transfer tax of $550.

San Diego County City logoProperty Taxes Owed

Property taxes can add another layer of complexity to selling a home in California. Property taxes are estimated based on the assessed value of your property, which may not align with the current market value. When you sell your home, the property tax situation can change, and understanding how these taxes will be prorated is crucial.

The property tax rate in San Diego is 1%, on top of any special charges, fees, or bonds. In total, the rate can amount to around 1.25%.

What About Selling an Inherited Home in SD, California?

If you’re selling an inherited home in San Diego, California, the tax implications can differ from selling a property you’ve owned personally. Inherited properties often benefit from a stepped-up tax basis, which can reduce your capital gains tax liability. However, it’s still essential to consult with a tax professional to discern the specific rules and exemptions that apply in your situation.

Other Selling Expenses to Anticipate in San Diego, California

Aside from taxes, there are several other expenses to consider when selling a home in San Diego, California.

  • Title Fees: Title fees cover verifying the legal status of your property’s title and ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership. These fees can vary but typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • Settlement Fees: Settlement fees, also known as closing costs, encompass various expenses related to the sale transaction, including escrow fees, document preparation, and attorney fees. These costs can add up and should be accounted for when determining your net proceeds from the sale.
  • Agent Commissions: If you work with a real estate agent, you must factor in their commission, around 5 to 6% of the home sale price. While having a professional guide you through the process can be beneficial, weighing the costs against the benefits is essential.

Besides these, some realtors also have hidden fees that can drive your total costs up. So, it’s best to opt out of listing your home and consider other alternatives.

cash in hand for San Diego housesSave on Some of These with a Cash Offer

One way to potentially reduce some of these expenses is by considering a cash offer for your home. Cash buyers, like I BUY SD, often streamline the process and may be willing to purchase the property as-is, saving you the hassle and cost of repairs and renovations.

We Buy Houses AS-IS in Any Condition

When we say “AS-IS,” we mean that we’re willing to purchase your San Diego home in its current state, regardless of its conditioning! We don’t care if it needs repairs or has damage, trash, code violations, mold, or other issues. We specialize in properties that need some TLC, from fixer-uppers and hoarder homes to estates with unresolved matters.

We Help People in Any Life Situation

Our mission is to assist homeowners in various life situations, including those who have inherited property, need to relocate, want to upgrade their homes, are downsizing, want to avoid foreclosure, are tired landlords, are going through a divorce, need to avoid bankruptcy, or are facing health or medical issues.

No matter your circumstance, we’re here to provide a solution that works for you and offers fair market value for your San Diego property.

Get an Idea of the Value with Our Home Value Calculator

Before making any decisions, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your home’s value. Our home value calculator can provide an estimate, helping you make informed choices about selling your San Diego property.

People That Buy Houses for Cash in San Diego

People That Buy Houses for Cash in San Diego

Sell Your Home to IBUYSD Today!

This guide gives you a better idea of how selling a home in San Diego, California, involves navigating various taxes and expenses. Understanding capital gains tax, transfer taxes, property taxes, and other associated costs is crucial for a smooth and profitable transaction.

Whether considering a traditional sale or exploring the option of selling your home as-is, being well-informed about your choices is the first step toward a successful sale.

If you’re ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to request a free instant cash offer for your home to discover its current market value and explore your selling options.


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