Sell Your San Diego Home For Cash — Even With Title Issues

San Diego County City logoHaving difficulty selling San Diego property because of some pesky title issues? In virtually any real estate sale, there are title disputes that need to be resolved for the seller to pass possession of the property to the buyer. Title companies claim that they need to do “extraordinary work” to resolve title problems in more than a third of all real estate transactions.

However, there is a more straightforward way to sell off property, even with title issues. Keep on reading to learn about common title issues and one way to sell off a home while avoiding the headache of dealing with these issues.

San Diego Title Issues?

Here are some of the most common problems with real estate titles.

  1. Inaccurate Public Records  –  It’s human to make mistakes, but those errors can be catastrophic for homeownership rights. Clerical or filing errors could jeopardize a property’s deed or survey, putting the owner under financial pressure to correct them.
  2. Undiscovered Liens  –  It’s possible the previous property owners were not attentive in bookkeeping or paying their bills. Even if the earlier debts were not by the current owner, banks or other lenders would put liens on their estate for outstanding debts even after the sale has been completed.  Additionally, they may not be aware at the time of purchase that a third party has a claim to all or portion of their land, whether it is due to a previous loan or lien, or non-financial claims.
  3. Forgeries and Illegal Deeds  –  Occasionally, forged or fabricated papers affecting property ownership are reported in public records, obstructing the estate’s legal owner. An owner’s claim to their property may be jeopardized if these forgeries are discovered. Furthermore, popular and common names can be used to “impersonate” a real estate owner. If they bought a house that a phony owner previously sold, they run the risk of losing their legitimate claim to it.  In other circumstances, although a property’s chain of ownership might appear to be in good order, a previous deed was likely signed by an illegal immigrant, a juvenile, an individual of unsound mind, or someone who claims to be single but is actually married. These events can influence the enforceability of past deeds, potentially impacting prior (and likely current) ownership.
  4. Missing Will or Heirs  –  The state can sell a property owner’s estate, including the house, if there is no apparent will or heir. When a person purchases a property like this, they take on the role of owner. However, the deceased owner’s will could be discovered years later, putting their ownership of the property in jeopardy.  Similarly, even though the presence of a will has been identified, the designated heirs are often absent or unknown at the time of death. Family members will also challenge the will to protect their ownership rights. These situations, which can occur long after the current owner has bought the house, may impact their property ownership.
  5. Boundary Disagreements  –  Before purchase, owners may have conducted some surveys of their property; however, other existing surveys may indicate different boundaries. As a result, a neighbor or other third party could be able to assert possession of a part of their estate.

sell my San Diego House fast for cashSD, Get Cash Now!

One way for owners to get rid of their property despite its title issues is by selling it for cash. Having San Diego cash buyers handle the property has several benefits, which include:

All the Money Is Yours

The benefit of a cash buyer is that the seller won’t have to pay your real estate agent a significant percentage of the selling price. With the average commission fee for realtors being about 6%, sellers may be saving thousands of dollars. Even if their home sells for a price lower than it does to another customer, they will still be better off when commission fees are taken into account.

Sales Are Less Likely to Fall Through

Cash transactions have a much lower risk of the sale falling through. Sellers don’t have to be concerned about the bank choosing not to give their buyer the loan after all. They don’t have to be anxious about their customer losing interest during the weeks between making a bid and closing. Transactions could be done in less than a week, allowing for much less room for errors.

Sales Happen Quickly

Selling a home isn’t an easy task. Owners will need to invite buyers to look at their homes and wait to be offered a solid deal. Besides that, they’ll have to wait for their prospective buyer’s loan to be accepted before the sale can close. This hassle can be avoided entirely with a cash buyer. Depending on your situation, they might skip all of the showings and waiting time for proposals and loan approval. Instead, sellers get a cash bid, which, once they accept, will immediately start the processing of paperwork.

Repairs Aren’t Necessary

The majority of cash buyers want to buy a house as-is. They don’t care if the kitchen has been replaced with a brand new one.

That means owners won’t have to spend money on expensive upgrades or home renovations that the new buyer would almost certainly tear out. It significantly reduces the amount of pressure involved in the process.

We Buy Houses AS-IS

Selling Your Home Online in San DiegoTitle issues can be a significant obstacle in selling off your home. With cash buyers like I Buy SD, you can get rid of your property for cash quickly and conveniently. If you need to sell my house fast San Diego,  for cash even with title issues though I Buy SD! We will make you a fast, no-obligation offer to buy your home in any condition, including the following:

Contact us today if you have any questions and inquiries. We’ll be happy to help!

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