How to Get Your Unwanted Home off the Market Quickly 

Most homeowners will eventually consider the prospect of selling their properties. However, some San Diego homeowners who choose this option are surprised by how long their homes remain on the market. Waiting for a buyer to come along is sometimes tedious and unpleasant, especially since homeowners are still required to keep up with certain expenses like utilities, property taxes and repairs. Speeding up the process of selling a home can save these homeowners quite a bit of money, and there are a few ways to accomplish this.

Find an Experienced San Diego Real Estate Agent to Work With

Some homeowners find that the stress of selling a property alone is not worth it, no matter how cost effective the process seems to be. If you choose to link up with an Encanto real estate agent, then both paperwork and negotiations will be easier to deal with. Real estate agents, compared to homeowners, will typically be much more efficient at securing a favorable deal for your property’s sale. They will, however, take a fee from your eventual closing price. The amount varies but is usually around 6%.

Lower the Price

This, understandably, is not something that most individuals with a property on the market wish to hear. The reality of the situation, though, is that the value of a property is ultimately determined not by the owner but by the location. If your home is not valued at your chosen price, then it will be extremely difficult to sell. Adjusting to such market realities by reducing your home’s price can go a long way toward speeding up its sale.

It is wise to view similar active listings located near your Spring Valley or City Heights property in order to get a better feel for its true value. After this comparison, you can use the real estate market information you have gathered to make a reasonable price cut on the property. Often, homeowners receive several new offers after making this choice.

Fix up Your Home

selling San Diego Homes in bad shapeAlthough some homeowners would prefer to sell their properties as is, there is a great advantage to fixing up the home and yard first. Either way, offloading a property always has its challenges. Realistically, an already fixed-up home has a much better chance of appealing to property buyers and ultimately leaving the market. If you decide to take this step to sell your home more rapidly, then be sure to do it correctly. Essential repairs and upgrades have more value than just a coat of paint.

Key areas to focus on for efficient upgrades include the bathroom and kitchen. Replacing problems like grout should not be overlooked either. Next, turn your attention to the lighting and flooring. Buyers are quick to notice these features. Finally, the exterior can be worked on. Thankfully, an inspection prior to the sale will give you a good idea of which repairs are necessary.

Find a Real Estate Investor to Sell To

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San Diego Sell Your Home

If you want someone to take the inherited home off of your hands without having to complete the improvements yourself, then 92115 real estate investors are a great option. These people can take on the financial burden of property repairs themselves, which, for some homeowners, can be quite a relief. Especially if you are moving to another state or are short on time for another reason, real estate investors become an increasingly appealing option. Usually, San Diego real estate investors will give you cash up front, which is a bonus.

Furthermore, there are two other benefits of choosing a cash home buyer. The first is that you will not need to hand over any fees to a realtor. The second is that you will no longer need to arrange for showings, which is often a hassle for homeowners.

Getting an unwanted home on and off the market in a timely manner does not have to be frustrating. This is especially true if you choose to accept a deal from a San Diego home buyer like I Buy SD and GG Homes.

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