Selling Your Home Online in San Diego

Sell Your House Online  Selling a house can be quite stressful, especially if you want to make the process quick due to divorce, problematic tenants, relocation, natural disaster, job loss, or impending foreclosure. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can simply sell your house [...]

I Need to Sell My Condemned San Diego House

Key Facts About Selling Condemned Houses  Just about everyone has had the experience of seeing a run-down house with boards over its windows and stark signage indicating that the property is condemned. However, not everyone has a full understanding of how houses wind up with that status and how [...]

Sell San Diego Rental Property

Owning a rental property can be challenging. You must play many roles. You are the manager of the property, you collect the rent, you do repairs, and you perform a whole host of other tasks. You do all of these things under the pressure of knowing that you are legally responsible for the [...]

Sell San Diego Houses After Job Loss

Get Access to Trapped Equity in Your House If You Lose Your Job For many individuals, owning a home is a lifetime goal. At a young age, we were taught that having a home is a sign of stability and achievement. However, a time may come where life can be tough, putting people in a […]

We Buy San Diego Houses in Any Condition

Selling houses with certain conditions can be an issue for homeowners, especially those looking for fast cash. This is where I Buy SD comes in. We Buy Houses in Any Condition We, at I Buy SD, have been San Diego’s most trusted cash home buyer since 2015. We buy San Diego houses as-is, in [...]

How to Avoid Foreclosure in San Diego

Six Ways to Avoid Foreclosure  If you are in a pickle financially, you aren’t the only one. Many homeowners are experiencing financial hardships at the moment, but there ARE solutions.  Don’t let yourself get frozen with fear or shame. Here are some options for avoiding ending up in [...]

In San Diego I Need to Sell My House Fast

I need to sell my house fast In San Diego If you’re reading this article, you may be ready to sell my house in San Diego as soon as possible. You may be desperate to find a buyer and need to cut to the chase without any delays or complications. Fortunately, we’re here to help. […]

I Can’t Afford to Fix Up My San Diego House

Help! I cannot afford to fix up my San Diego House. What Can I do? Selling a home can be more expensive than you think. Though housing prices are relatively high in the San Diego area, the houses that seem imperfect can have a hard time selling. Unfortunately, those who can afford to repair [...]

Learn How to Sell Older Homes in San Diego

Southern California is full of homeowners that have older homes. Many times, they have no idea what to do with these aging homes. Older homes are harder to sell than new homes. Fortunately, there is a way to sell even the most old and run-down of homes without a problem and for a fair price. [...]

Sell Unwanted Homes in San Diego Quickly

How to Get Your Unwanted Home off the Market Quickly  Most homeowners will eventually consider the prospect of selling their properties. However, some San Diego homeowners who choose this option are surprised by how long their homes remain on the market. Waiting for a buyer to come along is [...]

Does Selling to a Cash Investor Make Sense

Owning a home is a major source of pride for most Americans. However, owning a home isn’t always a positive experience. Your home may be in poor condition, requiring constant repairs. Your neighborhood might have deteriorated in recent years, attracting crime and neighbors nobody wants to [...]

Selling San Diego Houses that Need Repairs

Selling a House that Needs Lots of Repairs  There are times you choose to finally let go of your home after many years of a comfortable stay. Sometimes, the house might not be in good shape, and you could wonder if anyone will be willing to purchase it. The home might have many problems that [...]

Selling San Diego Houses As-Is

How to Best Sell Your San Diego Home As-Is Are you a property owner in San Diego, California, faced with a tough decision? Are you wondering whether you should sell your home as-is, or should you put money into fixing your home before you list it on the market? If you are undecided on the […]

We Buy Vacant Homes Quick for Cash

We Buy Vacant Homes It can be really tough to sell a San Diego property. You may get quotes that are far less than what the home is worth, or you may not even get any offers at all. There aren’t too many things more troubling than needing money when you don’t have it, and […]

Selling Inherited Property in San Diego CA

 Want To Sell Your Inherited Property In San Diego? We Have A Guide For You Now  I Want To Sell My Inherited House In San Diego You just inherited a home. You decide you do not want it after all. The only natural thing to do next is sell your inherited property or home. What […]

Zillow Zestimate Home Price Value Estimates

How accurate are Zillow home price/value estimates in San Diego? When you are thinking about selling your home by listing online or by selling to home buying companies like I BUY SD, it is easy to get carried away by imagining everything you will do with all that lovely fresh cash from the home [...]

Selling A Distressed Property In San Diego CA

What is Distressed Property? When a property is under foreclosure or sold by the lender, it can be classified as distressed. A homeowner who was unable to keep up with mortgage payments and/or tax bills on their home might end up selling that house below market value because of how far behind [...]

Does a Cash Offer Make Sense?

Many homeowners find themselves wondering if a cash offer from an investor might make sense for them! Here are some benefits of a cash offer from an investor: No hassle No showings/open houses Close on your timeline Homes with repairs needed are FINE! Cash out quickly If you need an offer [...]

9925 Aviary Drive–Scripps Ranch Townhouse

We purchased 9925 Aviary Drive in early March, 2019!  We saw so much potential in the home, and were excited to acquire it from the home owners.  The property is an awesome townhouse in a quiet Scripps Ranch neighborhood.  It feels a little like a tree house!  While there are homes on either [...]

3045 29th St.–North Park Beauty!

We picked up 3045 29th St. about a year ago, in April of 2018.  We knew it would be a BIG project.  We also knew that North Park is one of the most desirable parts of San Diego, and that we’d have so much fun renovating the home while keeping the charm intact.  The biggest […]

4726 Mount Saint Helens Way- Classic Clairemont

We picked up 4726 Mount Saint Helens Way in the summer of 2018.  We LOVE helping Clairemont home owners.  Clairemont has become one of the areas we buy the most homes in.  Its location is so good, and it’s relatively affordable for being so central in the city.  This property was very [...]

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