San Diego Distressed Properties For Sale

Homeowners often assume that selling a distressed property is time-consuming, difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, distressed property sales can be completed quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. If you’re selling a house and you want to avoid any hassles, check out our top ten tips for selling a

We picked up 4726 Mount Saint Helens Way in the summer of 2018.  We LOVE helping Clairemont home owners.  Clairemont has become one of the areas we buy the most homes in.  Its location is so good, and it’s relatively affordable for being so central in the city.  This property was very typical of 92117,

We picked up 3045 29th St. about a year ago, in April of 2018.  We knew it would be a BIG project.  We also knew that North Park is one of the most desirable parts of San Diego, and that we’d have so much fun renovating the home while keeping the charm intact.  The biggest

We purchased 9925 Aviary Drive in early March, 2019!  We saw so much potential in the home, and were excited to acquire it from the home owners.  The property is an awesome townhouse in a quiet Scripps Ranch neighborhood.  It feels a little like a tree house!  While there are homes on either side of

Many homeowners find themselves wondering if a cash offer from an investor might make sense for them! Here are some benefits of a cash offer from an investor: No hassle No showings/open houses Close on your timeline Homes with repairs needed are FINE! Cash out quickly If you need an offer quickly, your home is