I Need To Sell My Mom’s House Fast in San Diego

Selling an old house is like selling your iPhone — it’s difficult to break even. This is true anywhere in the United States, and it’s certainly the case in San Diego, where median values dropped by 5.2%.

Also, according to Zillow, the average house price dropped by nearly 3% in mid-2023. This percentage may not seem like much. However, even a 3% dip in value can mean losses when selling a home as-is.

Last June 2023, Norada highlighted a negligible 0.9% increase in the value of existing single-family San Diego homes. This figure may cause optimism, but it barely outpaces the early 2023 home value decline.

If you combine these trends with rising interest rates and reduced sales, you’re looking at a market where anyone would be lucky to sell.

What do you do then if you’re looking for a way to sell your mom’s house for nearly what it’s worth — and quickly, in as-is condition?

By selling your mom’s San Diego house for cash, you can sell the house for an amount close to what it was initially worth. Best of all, you can close the sale even without doing a single home improvement project on it.

What Constitutes As-Is Property Sales?

“As-is” property sales are home sales where you sell a house exactly as it is, with flaws and all with no hidden fees. When you sell a property as-is, you offer it without any fixes or changes.

It doesn’t matter if a house is full of trash or mold-infested. This sale takes the property off your hands in exchange for a large sum of cash.

Here are several conditions that qualify your Oceanside mom’s house for a cash offer:

  • Damages and Repairs: Properties with noticeable damages — ranging from water damage to cosmetic wear and tear — are perfect for an as-is sale.
  • Fixer-Upper: Sometimes, a property requires substantial renovations or modernization. An as-is sale allows homeowners to pass on the responsibility of upgrades to the buyer.
  • Legal Issues: Properties entangled in legal complexities — such as boundary disputes or unresolved ownership matters — can be sold as-is.
  • Natural Disasters (Floods, Fires, etc.): When a property has been affected by natural disasters, selling as-is is quicker.
  • Job Loss or Financial Strain: Individuals facing sudden financial constraints can sell their property as-is to alleviate immediate financial burdens.
  • Tax Liens and Debts: Properties with outstanding tax liens or debts can be sold as-is since buyers assume responsibility for outstanding financial obligations.
  • Deed Issues: If a property’s ownership history is unclear or has complications related to deeds or titles, opting for an as-is sale can simplify the transaction process.
  • Existing Tenants With Leases: Properties with tenants under lease agreements can be sold as-is.
  • Inherited Properties: Inherited properties often have an uncertain history and condition. Selling as-is can help streamline the transition of ownership.
  • Market Conditions: In a buyer’s market, where demand is low, sellers might choose to sell as-is to attract potential buyers despite property conditions.

Pros and Cons of Selling As-Is

Selling a property as-is offers a distinct set of advantages and considerations. Let’s start with the best things about an as-is sale other than “how much will I make on my house:

  • Simplicity and Speed: Selling as-is simplifies the process. You avoid time-consuming repairs or upgrades, open houses or accelerating the sale timeline.
  • Transparency: Cash buyers know exactly what they’re getting, so the sale fosters trust and potentially reduces negotiation friction.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Avoiding repairs can save you money upfront, time, and effort.
  • Quick Transition: Selling as-is can be ideal for those looking to transition due to job changes or financial circumstances swiftly.

In short, selling your mom’s house as-is is a quick way to close the home sale to get cash. However, here are some things to think about:

  • Lower Price: Some buyers may expect a discount for the property’s current condition, impacting your potential profit especially abandoned buildings in San Diego.
  • Limited Buyer Pool: Some buyers may shy away from as-is properties, reducing your market.
  • Potential Delays: Property inspections or buyer financing might take longer due to the property’s condition.

Checking Home Value/Worth With IBuySD

Before you sell your mom’s San Diego house, you need to know how much you can sell it for to cash home buyers in San Diego. By understanding the as-is value of your mom’s house, you can get a ballpark figure of your profits.

To determine your property’s home value, use our home price calculator. Our calculator will estimate your home’s value.

You’ll be surprised at how close the estimate will be to your home’s original value.

Sell for Quick Cash and Start Your New Chapter

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your mom’s home as-is without all the risks that come with an as-is sale? That’s where we come in.

At IBuySD, we buy properties like yours for cash. We offer quick and free cash appraisals that match your property’s original value.

Sell as-is to us and experience a hassle-free home sale today. Contact us now for a free and quick cash offer.

San Diego County City logoGet an Idea of Your Home’s Worth With Our Home Value Calculator

Selling confidently begins with knowing how much your mom’s house is worth. With our home pricing calculator, you’ll get an idea of the home’s worth fast and for free.

Empower your decision-making, and use our home price calculator.


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