San Diego County City logoAre you struggling with selling your fixer-upper home in San Diego? Selling a home, you are currently repairing can be challenging.

Even if you were to find someone willing to take your fixer-upper, do not expect much in the way of money. Buyers left, and right will try to offer you a really low value for your home. In fact, the offerings might be so low that you might as well give it away!

However, there is hope. Whether you believe it or not, someone is willing to pay you good money for your fixer-upper in San Diego in any condition.

We at GG Homes buy homes from San Diego residents. Not only that, but we also offer the best value and in cash.

Have you been asking yourself this question?:  “How can I sell my fixer-upper in San Diego?”

If you are, we at GG Homes are here for you!

Whatever Property You Want to Sell, We Will Buy It!

Fixer-upper houses are not the only properties we buy from homeowners. We also offer top dollar for other types of properties like:

  • Damaged houses
  • Homes damaged by flood or fire
  • Newly-built houses
  • Houses with termite damage
  • Unfinished homes
  • Houses with too much stuff

Whatever type of property you want to sell, we are willing to buy it from you. We offer cash for any of the properties that fall into the above-mentioned categories!

Do You Own A Property with Issues? Not a Problem!

Selling a fixer-upper with complete papers, deeds, and taxes is hard enough. If your fixer-upper in San Diego has other problems related to its structure and violations, you’re in for a lot of headaches.

we buy houses San DiegoWhatever the issue, our willingness to buy your fixer-upper property as-is remains the same. We will buy your property on a cash offer. It does not matter what problems it has. We will buy your home even if it has any of the following issues:

“Why Sell My Fixer Upper in San Diego?”

You may have high hopes for your fixer-upper home. That may be why you are trying to repair it in the first place. In San Diego, selling your fixer-upper may be a wiser option.

This is especially true if it is taking too long and too much work. Here are some of the perks of selling your fixer-upper:

Reason #1: Fast Cash

We offer cash offers for homes. For this reason, there is no need to go through all the red tape of property assessment and appraisals.

All we need to do for you to sell my house fast San Diego is perform a quick property assessment. Following that, you get an offer that you will likely be happy with upfront.

Reason #2: No Need to Worry About Repairs

Part of our service is buying homes as-is. This means that your fixer-upper continues to have value to us — whether you finish repairs or not.

Reason #3: You Can Move Out and Move On

Part of the challenge of moving is the process of selling a home. Selling a home in San Diego can take a while. For a fixer-upper like yours, expect to wait ages for an offer.

We will take your fixer-upper off your hands for a value near what you originally paid. This way, you can move on to the next phase of your life minus the hassles and headaches.

Ashley Lee cash house buyer in San DiegoSell Your Fixer Upper to Us at GG Homes!

We have helped many homeowners in San Diego sell their homes for excellent value. On top of that, we pay in cash and on time.

Sell us your fixer-upper in San Diego for a cash offer you will be happy about. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at GG Homes!

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