We Buy San Diego Houses in Any ConditionSelling houses with certain conditions can be an issue for homeowners, especially those looking for fast cash. This is where I Buy SD comes in.

We Buy Houses in Any Condition

We, at I Buy SD, have been San Diego’s most trusted cash home buyer since 2015. We buy San Diego houses as-is, in any condition, without the need for any improvements or renovations.

Some homeowners struggle with selling houses in certain conditions. We solve this problem by offering cash to close a deal within days!

  • Old, Outdated Houses : Owners of old-fashioned houses might find it difficult to sell their homes in the modern market.  Instead of refurbishing an old house to make it more attractive to potential buyers, I Buy SD will pay cash for old homes as they are.
  • New Houses : Some homeowners might need to sell their new house to fund their move to another city or state. I Buy SD is ready to pay these homeowners fast cash and adjust to their schedule.
  • Storm Damage : As stormy weather continues in San Diego, homeowners looking to sell their storm-damaged property usually have to wait a while before they can close a deal. This isn’t a problem for us since we make cash offers for any house, no matter how much damage it may have incurred during a storm.
  • Fire Damage : The California wildfires damaged or destroyed over 10,500 structures, which might have affected some San Diego homeowners. Interested owners of fire-damaged houses can schedule a no-obligation home inspection with our team. I Buy SD will conduct an appraisal that works for all parties involved.
  • Termite Damage : San Diego is reportedly one of the worst cities for termites. Some owners with infested homes may struggle with selling their property. These homeowners can skip the exterminator and settle a deal with us.
  • Full of Stuff or Trash : Some homeowners may have left their old, unwanted furniture and items in a house they intend to sell. Perhaps they are using the house as storage and have no time to go through the hoard. Many home buyers may consider leftover items as trash and unattractive. At I Buy SD, we remain willing to buy the distressed property as-is, saving clients the time and effort for spring cleaning.
  • Major Repairs Needed : Homes needing major repairs on the foundation or the roof may cause buyers to hesitate to close a deal. This isn’t an issue for homeowners dealing with us at I Buy SD. We are ready to offer cash for homes that might need heating and AC repair or any other expensive restoration.
  • Problem Tenants : Landlords looking to sell properties may encounter trouble with tenants. We can help handle these situations and easily resolve the conflict with a solution that works for everyone involved.
  • Unfinished Construction : Unfinished houses, whether from renovation or building from the ground up, may appear uninviting to home buyers. Typical home buyers want a finished house or one they have had a say in the building.

I Buy SD is ready to make a deal for any house in whatever construction status it is in.

We buy houses in San Diego Fast for cash

Some Benefits of Selling San Diego Homes to I Buy SD

We make the home selling process easy for anyone pressed for time.

  1. Sell my house fast San Diego: We have a three-step process for clients to sell their homes for fast money.
  2. No repairs needed; sell houses as-is: We help owners save the effort and money from making homes appear more attractive to the market by buying houses as-is.
  3. I Buy SD takes care of everything for out-of-state clients: For client convenience, we work on behalf of owners selling San Diego homes that are currently based outside the state.
  4. Get online cash offers: We utilize the internet to save clients the hassle of meeting up to negotiate a price.
  5. No more waiting and hoping: Clients don’t need to worry about anyone second-guessing a purchase decision with I Buy SD. Home sellers can rest assured we are serious cash home buyers.

Sell San Diego Houses Fast In Three Steps

San Diego County City logoIn only three steps, you can easily sell your home for fast cash when closing a deal with us at I Buy SD:

  1. Get in touch with us: Fill out our contact form or call us at (858) 218-0042 to schedule a free home assessment.
  2. Receive our offer: We buy San Diego houses in any condition they are in. Once we come to an agreement, we proceed to the final step.

Get paid: We want you to have a stress-free closing process. We adjust on your time so you can close whenever it’s the most comfortable, even as soon as a few days.

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