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Our Guarantee To You

With over seven years of service across San Diego, we are confident in being the go-to alternative solution for homeowners in the area to get rid of their property regardless of their condition!

We recognize how some people are reluctant to go to a cash home buyer to sell their San Diego home. However, we operate on the premise of trust. Rest assured that transparency is our priority. Let us support you throughout the entire home sale process so you know where your property is going!

Confidence: Close a Deal Completely

Everyone has a timeline but the traditional real estate system doesn’t wait for anyone. When you sell to us, you can close with confidence as we do our best to follow your schedule. Move on from your property so you can proceed to your next step!

As-Is: Sell Homes in Any Condition

Are you worried about repairs? Perhaps you have deed problems that stop you from selling your home. Regardless of your circumstances, we can buy your house today! Forget about costly improvements or scheduling showings. Sell your house to a cash home buyer!

Privacy: Sell Property Discreetly

We respect our client’s privacy when selling properties. No one has to know about your next move. With I Buy SD, you won’t have to worry about putting up yard signs or advertising on public pages to sell your home. Get an instant cash offer today!

When Should I Sell to a Cash Home Buyer?

You can sell your home to GG Homes I Buy SD quickly if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

House Needs Repairs

Vacancy or Tenants Refuse To Leave

Moving States for a Job

Water, Fire or Mold Damage

Distressed Financially

Inheritance Property

Structural Problems

Unplanned Events

Any Reason

  • Inherited Property
  • Relocation
  • Home Upgrades
  • Downsized Homes
  • Avoiding Foreclosure
  • Tired Landlords
  • Family Divorce
  • Avoiding Bankruptcies
  • Health or Medical Issues

Any Condition

  • Outdated or Old Houses
  • New Home Builds
  • Damaged by Storms
  • Fire or Water Damage
  • Damage by Termites
  • Full of Trash and.or Stuff
  • Majorly Needs Repairs
  • Tenants Rental Problems
  • Uncompleted Construction

Any Challenge

  • Financial Problems
  • Title Concerns
  • Violations of Code
  • Hoarder Properties
  • Low Home Equity
  • Large Tax Liens
  • Properties Out of Area
  • Family Issues
  • Mortgage Payments Late

What People Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for how easy we make it to sell your house fast for cash!  Hear it directly from our customers.


GG homes sold my home in San Diego and I am here to say that they were very professional, honest with me and very supportive during the process. I would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their home. Nothing in the transaction was hidden from me, all questions were answered in a timely manner and with patience. I am very satisfied with the whole experience.

George Mozley November 22, 2021

I saw the add for GG HOMES on local San Diego TV station and I decided to call even though I had a lot of hesitation in the back of mind , (are they honest, it is a legitimate company , and would I got a decent offer ) my first encounter was with Seth Boisvert ,he was extremely friendly but professional in explaining to me the process of selling our home through his company, gave me a decent offer which we accepted and we went through escrow, same day I got welcoming e mail from the operation manger Paul Burke offering his help through the process, Paul was extremely helpful and will respond to my questions in timely manner . My husband and I are senior citizens and we are very pleased to sell our house AS IS to GG HOMES no repairs, no commission , no strangers walking in your house, no open house , the process was easy , staff were EXTREMELY professional and helpful, I highly recommend this company.

Nadira Abukhalaf October 16, 2021

I really cannot say enough positive things about my experience with GG Homes. Their operation runs like a well oiled machine. The process went very smoothly, and we closed with absolutely no challenges. They offered me a fair price, and after crunching the numbers, I am very confident I ended up with about what I would have if we'd listed our condo on the MLS, after accounting for Realtor fees, repairs, and closing costs. Most importantly, perhaps, we were able to leave behind any unwanted items, and didn't have to worry about repairing every little hole in the wall. This made the moving process much easier and more efficient for us. Plus, there is no guarantee your property will sell immediately if you list it on the MLS. You may end up getting more down the line, but have to pay the mortgage in the meantime. Plus, buyer's loans can fall through, repairs can be expensive, and closing costs can be high. Again, I'm confident I ended up about where I would have (or even higher depending on repairs and closing costs) if we'd listed the property on the MLS. In conclusion, I recommend GG Homes to any homeowner who appreciates value, and seeks a smooth, efficient transaction with no hassles. Thanks, GG Homes!

Casey Lowe September 19, 2021

The Benefits

of Selling to

  • Traditional Real Estate Sale Process
    • Extra Fees: You may need to shell out certain percentages of the purchase price before you can even close.
    • Unsure Buyers: People can haggle or change their minds later on, leaving you uncertain and unconfident about whether you’ll close.
    • Cleaning Up: Selling a property involves making it attractive for potential buyers, which may require you to invest in repairs.
    • Open Houses: You would need to schedule showings and invite people before you can sell your house.
    • Long Timeline: Expect to wait at least two months (if you’re lucky) before you can sell your property completely.

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2: Get a Cash Offer

We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your property. Based on your house’s condition, we will give you a competitive cash offer for you to consider.

3:  Cash Out on Your Home

You can close whenever you want. Our goal is to make the real estate sales process as stress-free for you as possible. Whether you need cash in a few days or the next month, we can secure your money for you.

GG Homes I Buy SD

is a family owned and operated company servicing Southern California

Need to sell your house quickly? Get an instant cash offer with GG Homes I Buy SD!

Sell your house as-is without any fees at your convenience. We work according to your schedule. Send us your address and we’ll provider you a quick cash offer for your property.

If you want to “sell my house fast San Diego” and sell as is, I Buy SD, The cash home buyer in San Diego is your answer!


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