Work With Us

What Is In It For You?

Double (sometimes triple) your commission
You represent us on every transaction you bring us
Cash offers= flexible closing timelines
We share our knowledge and resources with our partners
We provide our preferred real estate agents that buy houses with the tools and resources necessary to understand the local distressed market and how to identify the best opportunities
We have experience in closing complex scenarios
We provide an option to homeowners who may have limited options left for their properties
We make your job painless
Access to premiere open house opportunities

What Makes GG Homes Different?

In House Construction Management
High Quality Workmanship
Deep Relationships With Local Realtors
We Stand Behind Our Word
A Dedicated Operations Team
Modern Renovation Styles
Family Owned and Operated Company

Working With Us

Minimized Workload: We do everything in our power to limit the time you spend servicing us
Real Offers: We will not submit offers with the intent to negotiate down later
Communication: We will respond quickly and diligently to your requests
On Time Closings: We will close on or before our agreed upon close date


Get a Cash Offer on a Listing