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Sell my San Diego house fast for cash with the experts in San Diego properties…GG Homes.

As we grew nearer to retirement and both of our sons were off at college, we decided it was time to sell our large family home in hopes that we could make a little off the sale and relocate. Despite the home being a little older and in need of updating/repair, the GG Homes team was able to provide us with an attractive cash offer and we closed within days. The communication and attention to every detail was spot-on the whole way through. They turned what would normally be an arduous, lengthy process into a quick, perfectly orchestrated transition. We could not have asked for a more professional group of people to handle the deal! Thanks a hundred times over to the GG Homes Team!

Giuliani Family
Carlsbad Home Seller

The idea of falling into default on your home is one of the most difficult things our family has ever had to face. We felt like we had absolutely no way out and would ultimately lose our home along with all of our financial credibility in an impending and inevitable auction. We heard about GG Homes and their ability to work with people in our situation, so we reached out. Their team took immediate action and within a week’s time, we had our home sold and enough money in hand to transition into a more affordable situation. We were able to beat the Auction clock and ultimately saved our credit from complete annihilation. The folks at GG Homes were amazing and helped us through the whole process with our dignity intact. We are eternally grateful!

The Rodriguez Family
Escondido Home Seller

My condo had completely fallen into disrepair. I got behind on my mortgage payments, which snowballed into getting behind on my credit cards. I was so embarrassed and I was planning to just let my condo get foreclosed on. I had NO idea another option existed. I didn’t have to show my home; I met with a GG Homes rep and they brought me a fair cash offer on the spot. Honestly….I started crying. I actually had about $183K in equity and I’ll now be able to move into an awesome 62+ community and rent there. I am so insanely grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Janet S.
Mira Mesa Home Seller

I live in Arizona and my kids were renting out my Clairemont house. Unfortunately, they stopped paying me rent, which put my family in a horrible and awkward situation. It was getting to the point where I was going to have to sue them to collect the rent or evict them; both terrible options. I got a call from GG Homes offering a quick cash offer. They gave it to me over the phone, and I accepted. They were able to help get my kids to move out, and my family is so much more peaceful and happy now. Thank you for buying my home, and saving my family.

Lucas Family
Clairemont Home Seller

I bought my North Park home back in the 60’s. I had so much pride of ownership in it. Recently, I had a medical incident that tied up all of my savings (and then some). To my dismay, I had to allow my home to fall into a degree of disrepair. The foundation and roof needed work, and I simply didn’t have the money to handle them. I got a letter from GG Homes and called the number listed. I met with their rep. I didn’t sign the offer right away, but I realized that I needed to make a move and that a standard listing just wasn’t in the cards for a home in its condition. I’m so thankful I did. I was able to move to Arizona, where I paid cash for my new house. GG Homes is a great solution.

Mark W.
North Park Home Seller