Selling a House that Needs Lots of Repairs 

sell San Diego Hoems in Need of RepairThere are times you choose to finally let go of your home after many years of a comfortable stay. Sometimes, the house might not be in good shape, and you could wonder if anyone will be willing to purchase it.

The home might have many problems that require repairs. That shouldn’t be a worry because you can still sell it as it is. It’s crucial to understand certain considerations so that you make an informed decision before closing the deal.

There are various options you need to consider so that the selling process runs smoothly. First, determine the cost of repair that you’ll incur should you decide to repair the home. Other factors include what items you choose to repair and how long the process will take. Analyzing these three aspects is the first step towards making a suitable choice.

Option 1: Renovate the Entire Home

Remodeling your home does not only need patience, but it’s also costly.

Every buyer wants to get bang for their buck. Renovating the home attracts many buyers and gives you the privilege of selling the home at a higher purchase price.

When planning to renovate the home, it’s crucial to know what parts need remodeling and the depth of damage. You can choose to upgrade the entire house or a portion of it. Do a thorough inspection of the home to identify the areas that need fixing.

Also, you may have some limitations when doing the inspections, and it’s likely that you may not be able to identify some areas that only a professional can identify. That’s why you need to hire an expert for a thorough inspection.

The contractor will do an in-depth inspection and show you the places that need repairs or replacement. The professional will advise you whether you should upgrade the entire home or a portion of it.

Then, you must hire the contractor, and select finishes (paint, flooring, tile, cabinets, etc.)  Looking on Pinterest can help put a finger on the pulse of what’s in style.

Option 2: Remodel Essential Parts of the Home

There are various key areas that you need to focus on rather than the whole house. Consider remodeling valuable items that will contribute to the quick selling of your home.

The items include buying a new air conditioning system, roof replacement, fixing electrical, fixing new pipes, and restructuring the foundation. The fixtures will not only make the home appealing to the buyer but also increase its value. A buyer would expect to get a home with major items in the right shape to avoid starting renovations over again.

Before the house is purchased, there will be a thorough inspection from an inspector to ensure that the major items are fixed. A buyer will not want to purchase a home that will become a liability within a short time of stay. If you do not fix the essential items, you will need to reduce the selling price or have the buyer negotiate on the repairs.

Option 3: Sell the Home Without Doing Any Repairs 

Ashley Lee cash house buyer in San DiegoSometimes, you want to let go of your distressed property and do not have the time or money to do the repairs. Also, repairs need a lot of patience and can be a daunting task that you wouldn’t want to experience.

GG Homes buys homes “as is.”  We do not care about the condition of the property, as we have seen it all and are very experienced with our remodels.  We buy homes with fire damage, mold, water damage, lots of deferred maintenance, etc.

This is the quickest, and most stress-free option.  We handle all of the “headaches” and you simply get to turn the keys over.  You can even leave behind unwanted personal belongings in the home and we will handle their removal.

With this option, you don’t have to consider which parts of the house to remodel, hire an inspector or contractor, or select any finishes. Many times, selling your home as-is can turn out to be the best option.

DIY Projects

Some repairs are not so hard, and you may not necessarily have to hire a professional to do it for you. It will save you money, and the time you’ll have spent looking for a contractor. Small repairs can range from fixing doorknobs, painting, de-cluttering, or repairing holes.

Nevertheless, there are some small repairs that you can choose to spend small dollars to increase the value of the home and sell quickly.

Select a Contractor

It’s crucial to know what steps to take when choosing a contractor to help you with the home’s repairs. A professional contractor needs to have a license and a good number of years of experience in the industry.

Check for their reputation on various platforms and ask for referrals from friends and family. Get quotes from several contractors to align with your repair budget and help you plan well. Do not only focus on the above factors but also be sure that the contractor will offer quality services.

Get The Help Of A Realtor.

If your home is mostly renovated, hiring a Realtor is almost always the best option.  However, if you want to sell your San Diego house to GG Homes as is, you don’t need a Realtor as the transaction is just between you and GG Homes, so you can save lots of money on commissions!  This is actually a really great perk of selling as-is.

Sell Your House to Us As Is

We will buy your San Diego home as is, no matter the repairs needed. If you want to let go of your home, contact us by phone or online. We will give you an in-depth understanding of our buying process. We will plan and agree on the time to visit your house to further the process. Be sure that we will then purchase your house in today’s condition. Also, you don’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning, renovating, hiring a Realtor or contractor, etc.  It’s quick and easy and is often the best option!

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