San Diego County City logoAbandoned houses are a problem to repair and are often causes of insecurity in the neighborhood. Sometimes, renovations are out of the picture and selling your abandoned house might be the only way to go.

Unfortunately, most abandoned homeowners don’t even know they have these homes. If you check the San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector, there are hundreds of unclaimed properties just laying around waiting for their owners to show up. And with the little information online about selling abandoned homes, most people don’t even know where to start.

But here’s the good news. We are here to share our knowledge on this problematic topic. However, before we go into detail, here’s what you should know:

Before We Start

First of all, you shouldn’t expect to sell an abandoned house for the same price as an immaculate one. But then again, if you sell it now to the wrong realtor, the value might be lost when someone buys it at a lower price. So, if you’re trying to sell an abandoned house, you are likely to have the wrong idea about the market. It’s not like tapping on a jackpot door-to-door. When there are changes in the price of houses, every kind of house is affected, including abandoned houses.

In most cases, people find a house and try to sell it directly to the people they know; however, that doesn’t always work. Sometimes the price will be too high and the buyers can pass on your house.

For this reason, we have put together an article explaining the things to keep in mind when you are ready to sell your abandoned house in San Diego.

If that sounds interesting, let’s dive in.

Reasons To Sell an Abandoned House

There are several reasons you would want to sell an abandoned house.

Fast Transaction

Selling your abandoned house is beneficial as it is a fast transaction. This is because they offer cash for your property.

Fewer Realtor Costs

Selling abandoned property saves you money as you incur fewer costs on realtor commission. This is because you sell your property on ‘as is’ basis. The buyer accepts it in whatever condition it is in.

High Cost of Maintenance

Abandoned houses may need multiple repairs and installments. It may be more economical to sell than to repair it.

Prevents Default/ Foreclosure

Abandoning your property may seem like the go to option when facing financial difficulties. This is true when foreclosure or auctioning is inevitable. However, selling your property can get you a speedy cash offer. This will help you clear your debt and move to a more affordable place.

Health Effects

Falling debris, rusty items, mold are some of the issues that may affect your health. Stray animals, insects and rats may invade the home as well and make you sick. It is therefore better to sell it to someone who can renovate it.

Restricts Public Nuisance

Abandoned or vacant properties attract littering, dumping or nuisance activities. This may cause legal action to be taken. To prevent this, selling it will be the best option.


Illegal practices linked with theft and drugs often occur in places with abandoned homes. Therefore, selling it is the best alternative.

Target for Squatters

Adverse possession laws in California allow squatters to file for legal possession. This is after living in an abandoned house for five years, and on meeting certain conditions.

This is a difficult legal process, but it is still poses a risk. You should therefore avoid leaving your property vacant and sell it.

Abandoned Properties Decrease Property Values

Having an abandoned property in a neighborhood creates a bad picture. This is due to lack of maintenance on the property. It decreases the property values in the neighborhood and affects homeowners.

sell-my-house-fast-i-buy-sd-gg-team-photoHow Do You Sell an Abandoned House?

This is what you should do if you want to sell your abandoned house.

File a Claim

First get information on abandoned buildings from the San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector. You will find the Abandoned property claim form, unclaimed property tax form, and unclaimed estates form.

Get a Real Estate Professional

A real estate professional from a qualified real estate investment firm will show you the steps to take to sell your property.

Set a Good Asking Price

This is an important factor, especially for abandoned houses. Most abandoned houses are an eyesore and getting a good price for them can be difficult. A qualified real estate agent can help you set a good asking price.

Sell It to I Buy SD for Cash

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Sell your home in three easy steps:

  • Get in touch
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  • Close on your time

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