Want To Sell Your Inherited Property In San Diego? We Have A Guide For You Now

 I Want To Sell My Inherited House In San Diego

You just inherited a home. You decide you do not want it after all. The only natural thing to do next is sell my inherited property or home. What are your options though? You could place your listing online, but it could present some hassles, particularly with the types of people that come to view it.

You could advertise your property in the local papers. However, listing an inherited home in a local paper could also prove to have some hassles. The other option you have is to sell your home to a cash buyer. I mean, selling your home to a cash buyer presents less hassle than a traditional listing. Plus, it is a fast way to earn some extra money, particularly if you are selling the home “as-is”.

The other bright side is it is easier to cash out of  properties using this method than going through the headache of hiring a San Diego real estate agent to do a proper listing.


The Benefits of Using A Cash Buyer To Get Rid Of A Property You Do Not Want

Bypass Redtape

The first benefit, and most important one, is your bypass all the red tape with a real estate agent and firm. You bypass the middle man and get all the money for yourself. Using an agent means you have to pay him or her for their time and expertise. You could wind up with maybe a fraction of what you could have been paid if you used a cash buyer.

Cash buyers move quickly

Working with a real estate agent takes time. You have to be patient. Sometimes you do not always have a fast closing. That is why working with a cash buyer is so easy. You can still get advice from an expert. Experts understand inherited homes better than anyone else. They could guide you so that you accept a good offer.The difference is you are only seeking advice from the expert real estate agent. That comes for free. It is a win-win situation.

Banks don’t need to be involved

You also do not have to worry about banks dragging their feet. Banks earn compensation when they deny someone a loan. That means that they can drag their feet as loans get rejected. Tha eliminates fast closings, which is what some banks want.

Banks have been known to drag their feet even after a house has had a completed inspection and passed. That is why using a cash buyer is so beneficial. Nothing is delayed any longer than it needs to be.

Cash buyers are less likely to fall through

Sales fall through all the time. One minute the person is interested. The next minute, the sale falls through due to the person’s inability to make a choice. You will not have to worry about that with a cash buyer, as long as you choose someone credible.

You can sell distressed property as is

Distressed properties are good to go. There are virtually no repairs needed if you use a cash buyer. Some people will take the place “as-is” because they have plans for the place. They might want to take your inherited house and tear it down to make something new. That is the beauty of having a cash buyer. You do not have to “check things out with the seller and agent” first before you decide to do anything.


What Are The Reasons To Use A Cash Buyer?

  1. Remember that money is King nowadays. Cash is going to get you things that traditional venues will not. Will you have to settle for a little less money than if you would use an agent? Yes, possibly you would. However, as mentioned before, there is less red tape. You can avoid things like home repairs, especially, if the buyer decides to tear it down anyway.
  2. There is something to be said for seeking professional advice. Now, that is not to say you are going to seek their advice on everything. You might as well pay them if you are going to do that.

A professional can lead you in the right direction. A professional can tell you the traps to avoid, and how you can get the most money for your inherited real estate.


One Word Of Advice

You will need the buyer to show proof. That means you need proof of their funds before you agree to do it. A lot of people have been burned due to an inability to show proof. Past sellers were told the money would be there the next day and it was not. That house was gone and so was their money.

You also want to be wary of cash buyers who have conditions on buying. Some cash buyers will expect an inspection, repairs, etc. The point of using a cash buyer is to avoid all that. You might as well use an agent and go the traditional route if you come across someone like that.

You need to be aware of cash buyers who try that because they are not the audience you are looking for.

How Can I Sell My House Fast With A Cash Buyer?

  1. The first step is to find someone interested in buying your inherited home in San Diego.
  2. The next thing you do is sign the contract. The closing should take about two weeks once the contract is signed. You should ask for 1-2% of the sale price upfront before you go any further. That shows you the person is genuine once the cash hits your account. I suggest you have a real estate agent to help you with this part. Something could go wrong. The buyer will also see how legit you are if you have a professional there. That makes it harder for the buyer to back out of the deal than it would if you are working alone.
  3. You also should hire companies to take care of inspection, escrow, and titles. You do not have to have an inspection, but it makes things look more legit and professional if you, even if the person decides to tear it down.

The last thing you need is to close the deal with the I BUY SD because we buy houses San Diego. He or she will need a few things to verify their authenticity, including their ID and personal banking information.

You will need to bring a few things too including an ID, the house keys, and the deed. You might also need a cashier’s check for any costs the proceeds did not cover. You will also have to present documents involving liens and loans if the house you inherited has one.


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