Imagine wanting to sell your property in San Diego. You’ve got everything ready — from the papers to the deeds. Then, it hits you — the realization that you have tenants on your property.

Do you evict your tenants? Do so at your peril.

San Diego County City logoIn San Diego and other parts of California, laws protect tenant rights. Hence, tenant rights may stand between you and a legal home sale.

However, what if we told you we’d buy your rental property? Even better, we’ll buy it from you, unoccupied or otherwise.

Reach out for a free cash offer for your occupied rental property. In the meantime, learn more about San Diego tenant rights and how you can use these rights to your advantage.

What Are the Rights of San Diego, CA Tenants?

Homelessness has been at an all-time high in San Diego. According to one report, there were at least 1,124 homeless people in the downtown area alone, which may increase.

In response to the growing problem of homelessness, the California Department of Justice outlines nine tenant rights. You don’t need to know all these rights. However, three will be crucial to your eviction and selling decisions as a landlord.

You Can’t Evict without a Court Order

Every eviction must begin with a court order. This right protects tenants from sudden evictions or prohibitions from entering a property.

To get an eviction order, you’ll have to file for one with the local court. The court will then notify your tenants and give them ample time to respond.

You can only file an eviction order for just cause. That brings us to the next tenant right.

Eviction Only After Just Cause

Just cause means any of the following:

  • Not paying rent on time
  • Damaging your property
  • Violating one of the terms of your tenant-landlord agreement
  • Prohibiting you from entering the property
  • Renovations to your rental unit or property

You can also evict a tenant if you take your property off the rental market. In other words, you can sell your home for cash if you no longer fancy being a landlord.

Rent Cap of No More Than 10% Yearly

As a landlord, you can increase rent. However, you can only increase it to 10% yearly. Hence, if your rent is at the median of $1,915, you can only raise it to $2,006.50 monthly.

Other Landlord Considerations Before a Sale

sell my San Diego House fast for cashIn short, you can evict tenants if you have a court order. You can also evict your tenants for just causes or if they don’t pay your rent.

Besides these, you must also consider other factors if you’re trying to sell an occupied property.

First of all, your property must be in the best possible condition. After all, nobody wants a rental property that’s occupied and has termite or water damage.

Next, you may have to get legal assistance if you’re trying to evict your tenants. According to one San Diego Tribune report, nearly 47% of tenants hire lawyers before eviction.

With these in mind, you might think a sale is impossible, at least for now. By accepting a cash offer for your rental property, you can sell your property even if tenants are in it.

Let’s Get Started

We’ll buy your rental property in any condition, despite whatever problems you may have with it. When you reach out for a cash offer, we’ll craft a custom offer for you that matches the sale value of your property.

In just a few business days, you’ll have cold hard cash in your hands.

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