Sell Your San Diego Rental Property If You’re Tired Of Being A Landlord

Sell San Diego Rental Property With tenants

Sell San Diego Rental Property With tenants

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While being a landlord can be profitable, this job has many downsides. Many can become distressed due to the amount of time and effort needed in the home. If you’re really honest, it can be exhausting due to various factors, such as finding the right tenants, maintenance, paying for unexpected costs, and repairs. The time will come when landlords sell their houses to finally get rid of the stress and headaches associated with managing property in San Diego and California.

Landlord Problems

When you’re leasing your home to strangers, it’s no surprise that you will encounter major problems. Here are just a few pain points that you have probably already experienced:

Tenant Problems

For many landlords, one of the biggest challenges they need to deal with daily involves tenants. Whether it’s about late payments, not paying at all, damaging items in the unit, or failing to make repairs themselves, these can become costly problems for you. Even if you manage to find a great tenant that always pays on time, there’s no guarantee that they will stay for a long time.

If you do a comprehensive background check, including their credit reports, there’s no way for you to know whether or not they leave right after moving in. In other words, there are too many things that are simply out of your control, and this stress can take a toll on landlords. The solution to this is to sell your rental units and be done with them.


San Diego County City logoThis is another big problem for many landlords because it can be so hard to get tenants who will care for your home like it’s their own. When this happens, your rental property could lose its value and impact how much rent you can collect. Even excellent tenants tend to ignore problems that need attention, which can then lead to bigger problems in the future.

If a tenant were to take notice and promise to report the repairs necessary, they might not always follow up with action. If issues are left untreated, the damage could become more extensive and cost you hundreds and even thousands. If you’re tired of bad tenants and the time and stress involved in dealing with properties that need repairs, a great option is to turn your unit into cash.

Unexpected Costs

You probably already know this, but landlords will have to face an unexpected situation sometime during their property’s life. Unfortunately, anything can happen at any time, such as:

  • The tenant decided to terminate their contract with you earlier than expected
  • A tenant leaves without notice, and unpaid rent
  • The tenant damages or breaks furniture or appliances in the home
  • Decay in the home goes unreported and has led to damage

If you’re tired of taking care of these repairs yourself, think about selling your house and the new opportunities it could present. There are too many unknowns in being a landlord, and there’s no telling what could happen in months and even years. In the end, only you will be left to handle unexpected situations and could eat up your whole day, often without anything in return.

Selling Your Home Online in San DiegoTired Of It? Be Free of the Burden and Walk Away with Cash!

If you’ve used up all your patience and are done with being a landlord, you’ve probably thought about selling your property. If this is the case, then be sure to think about how selling your home will benefit you. Doing this will help you be free from several things, such as:

  • Unpaid tenants
  • Rowdy tenants
  • Repair costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Unexpected costs

Furthermore, you’ll also see many improvements, such as a better return on investment, and you may even be able to take your business to a higher level. As such, selling is an excellent option if you no longer want to be a landlord. Get started towards a new chapter in your life today and sell your home through us — our home selling calculator below will let you know how much we can pay for your pre-loved property.

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For the past 7 years, we’ve been helping landlords all over San Diego County sell their homes. We’ve helped plenty of landlords get out of their house trap and make money out of it instead — we can help you too! If you want cash fast, our team at I Buy SD purchases all kinds of homes in any condition, at no hassle to you.

Here’s what you can expect from I Buy SD:

  • No Commissions
  • No Fees
  • Sell Your House “As Is
  • Leave Tenants To Us
  • No Realtors
  • No Showing
  • Take The Entire Offer
IBUYSD GG Homes Team

IBUYSD GG Homes Team of Cash Buyers

Sell It Fast

You’re in good hands with I Buy SD if you’ve had enough of being a landlord and have decided to sell. If you’re ready to take the first step, our experts can help you get the highest possible price for your property. Once you sell your home, you never have to worry about bad tenants, annoying maintenance and repair costs, and you can turn your hard work into money.

Our team consists of licensed real estate agents, so you can be sure that we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best deal for your home. We can also work with you to list your rental home on the market and still have the option to sell it for cash should you change your mind at any time. To get started to sell my house fast San Diego, call us at (858) 218-0042 or find out the value of your home right here.

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