We Buy Fire-Damaged Houses in San Diego

We Buy Fire-Damaged Houses in San Diego

We Buy Fire-Damaged Houses

Are you trying to sell your home? Often, doing this is a straightforward affair. However, factor in any fire damage and the difficulty of selling your house goes up dramatically.

A fire-damaged home will usually not be worth much on the property market. To close the sale, you may have to settle for only a fraction of what you paid to get your house. With cash buyers for houses becoming pickier by the day, you’ll be lucky to find a willing buyer even after you’ve made a few repairs.

Your best alternative would be a cash offer. Of course, you will want a buyer that gives you a cash offer that either matches or surpasses your home’s property value.

We buy fire-damaged houses quickly for an amount that will help you move out and move on. Here are some of the reasons you should take a cash offer for your fire-damaged home in San Diego.

You Will Save Money

San Diego County City logoTo sell a house to a buyer or realtor, it must pass a home inspection, and San Diego has some strict passing standards when it comes to homes for sale. Hence, if you’re selling your home, you need to ensure that nothing is broken — and hardly is this ever the case.

There is bound to be some water damage, and signs of burning will also be hard to repair or cover-up. With repairs costing thousands if not hundreds of dollars, you might not be able to fix your home for a sale.

By selling your home to a company that offers a cash offer, you will not need to make any repairs. We are a company that buys homes for cash as-is in San Diego.

Hence, by taking a cash offer, not only will you sell your home, but you’ll avoid the expenses a repair incurs.

You Will Sell Your House as Quickly as Possible

Selling your home through a realtor can take months to complete.  Not only will it be expensive because of you repairing fire damage but also time-consuming. Between putting your fire-damaged home on sale and your realtor finding a willing buyer, it can take months or even years.  With the money you will have spent making repairs, you will need the money back fast.

As mentioned earlier, we buy fire-damaged houses in San Diego — despite your house’s current state.  By taking us up on our generous and quick cash offer, you can bypass all the stress and hassle that goes into selling your home.

You Will Make Money Out of the Sale

A cash offer, especially one made by us, will either be close to your house’s property value or just above it.  Either way, selling your house for cash allows you to make money. Because a cash offer is made despite your home’s state, you’ll be able to keep all of the profits.

Even better, the profit will not be for the reimbursement of what you spent on repairs.  The money you make from the sale is yours to keep with no realtor commissions and repair reimbursements to pay.

What’s in It for You?

Selling Your Home Online in San DiegoOur cash offers are often too good to be true for most owners of fire-damaged houses. Our involvement with fire-damaged houses has a two-fold purpose.

As homebuyers, we specialize in the resale of houses.  Since many of the houses we buy as is have fire damage, water damage, or signs of wear-and-tear, or in need of repair.  We flip these homes. By doing so, we restore the curb appeal of the home to the highest extent possible.

The more important reason we buy fire-damaged houses is that we understand the struggle home sellers endure. We believe that we can contribute to the community by helping struggling home sellers as yourself walk away with a sum of money that helps in moving out and moving on.

In short, we help homebuyers find the right house by buying the house you’re willing to sell.  Most importantly, we buy your fire-damaged house from you with a cash offer you’ll be happy with.

Are you selling your fire-damaged home? We buy fire-damaged houses. Reach out to us now at I Buy San Diego and receive your expertly calculated cash offer.

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