San Diego County City logoWater is a destructive element to a house, and the repairs to handle it can be costly. As a seller, selling your damaged property can be one of the biggest challenges. You’ll have to consider working on most of the distressed parts of the home or find an alternative to traditional selling methods. While most buyers avoid homes hit by floods, there is still opportunity in this area.

Whether you’re looking to sell a home fast or find a buyer that’s willing to take a risk on a house of any condition, there are ways. At I Buy SD, we buy houses San Diego as is. Give us a call, and find out what your home is worth right now! We purchase properties throughout San Diego County, even those hit with flood or fire damage.

Selling Through a Realtor

One of the ways to go about selling a distressed home is through a real estate agent. You want an experienced agent that can sell homes with flood damage, whether a rental property or otherwise. They know how to market the home and negotiate with buyers who may have concerns. They can also help ensure the property is safe for any potential buyer during the selling process.

It’s also essential to test the agent on the skills necessary to sell the home. Aside from their experience in selling water-damaged homes, you must also consider:

  • Their understanding of the local market.
  • Knowledge of repair and renovation costs.
  • Understanding of local and state laws.
  • Solid negotiation abilities.
  • Hands-on experience in selling these kinds of properties.

A realtor can guide you in having your house in the best condition possible, especially if you want to sell quickly. The biggest challenge is that you may not have the funds to handle the water damage, and the property may sell for a lower price.

It is a gamble, as there is no assurance that you’ll be able to land the sale after what occurred to the home. An alternative would be to go to I Buy SD and get the proper evaluation for the property, along with the assurance of a sale.

Selling on Your Own

BBBSelling a home on your own is incredibly challenging as you’ll be in the direct line of fire during negotiations. Interested cash buyers of houses will likely want to buy the house at a lower price due to the water damage. Not only that, but you cannot avoid it, as failing to disclose that information can lead to an expensive lawsuit.

You’re likely not going to get the property at its highest value. Most homes experience a 20 to 30% price reduction, depending on the extent of the damage from i Buyers like Opendoor or Zillow Offers.

Aside from these, you want complete documents stating the details of the house. In these, you must include information about the flood, the damage it caused, and any work done afterward. You may also need:

  • Insurance claim records
  • Receipts from any repairs and improvements
  • Certification of mold removal
  • Details of the flood zone

If you’re selling your home, you have more options and control over the outcome. However, the risk is that you may not be able to sell the house fast. You may get cash offers here and there, but they may not be in the price range you desire.

Selling Your Home Online in San DiegoGoing to a Cash Home Buyer

Selling through a cash home buyer is probably the most convenient option. After you contact them, they will assess the home to give you an idea of its estimated value. If you agree to the price, they will prepare the documentation and provide cash during the purchases. You won’t have to worry about making any repairs as they will buy the house as is.

These companies are interested in buying distressed homes because they have the means to repair and resell them at a later time. The average homeowner may not have the means to do so, and a cash home buyer can provide a fair value depending on your property’s situation. You can leave the house in their hands and search for a new home.

I Buy SD: Buying Flood and Water Damaged Homes in San Diego

I Buy SD is San Diego’s most trusted cash home buyer since 2015. We’ve purchased many homes and provided smooth and seamless transactions. You can close your property within 30 days after we’ve come to an agreement. You don’t have to struggle and stress out because of your home’s damage.

Leave the buying to us, and you can focus on other more important things in your life. Contact I Buy SD today and schedule a consultation to sell my house fast San Diego. We’re here to keep you from becoming distressed at the prospect of selling your water or flood-damaged home.

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