sell my inherited property San Diego CAWhat to do if you inherited a San Diego house with no mortgage? Simple. Sell it to cash investors or a company that buys houses as-is. Unlike selling it to someone who wants to live there or getting it listed in traditional real estate listings, these home investors want to buy your home as-is as soon as possible.

With them, you do not have to worry about the San Diego house you inherited. You do not need to renovate it or make home improvements or repairs. They can buy it from you quickly, and you can move on with your life. This is very convenient, especially if you need money for an emergency or do not want to deal with a new property’s responsibility.

Of course, if this is the first time you have heard about this option, you might be skeptical of the potential risks. Continue reading to learn more.

Home Investors Are the Real Deal

Home investors buy residential houses as investments as part of their business strategy. They operate using one of the strategies below:

  • Wholesale Investment: They buy low-value houses in bulk and sell them to their list of buyers for higher prices.
  • Buy and Hold Investment: Unlike wholesale investors, they keep the properties they acquire and profit from them for a set amount of time through renting. Some of them may not even try to profit from it but will hold the property and sell it when the market’s conditions are favorable for sellers. Other investors may hold the properties just for the sake of growing their portfolio.
  • House-Flip Investment: Instead of holding properties until they can sell better, investors who do the house-flip strategy apply renovations and improvements to increase their market value. Then they sell the house for a profit.
  • Buy Flip Hold Investment: As the strategy’s name implies, investors will incorporate all three strategies for the properties they buy. They aim to maximize their potential income, so they are willing to rent, renovate, or wait.

San Diego County City logoWhy Sell Your Inherited Home To Home Investors?

It must have felt good to know that you have a new property. However, if you have already settled down in your current home, you may not have any reason to do anything with your inherited house.

The Challenges of Not Selling To Home Investors

Unfortunately, leaving that property unattended will only give you problems. Malicious people may vandalize it, or worse, some may squat in it. Not to mention that it can become a necessary expense as it may generate capital gains tax.

On the other hand, if the home is under disrepair, selling it to traditional buyers can be challenging. And refurbishing this type of property can be a tedious and impossible task. For one, if you do not have the extra cash to pay for repair and renovations, you may need to take out a loan. If the home does not meet the standards of financiers, they may deny your loan request.

You would not want to spend time and resources waiting for this investment to give you something in return.

Aside from that, you may find a traditional buyer quickly. However, the timing may be challenging, especially if the buyer you found wants to move in soon and demands the house be move-in ready.

And lastly, you can’t always expect to profit on your inherited property by renting it. Know that leasing a property is a stressful and initially complex matter to deal with.

People That Buy Houses for Cash in San Diego

People That Buy Houses for Cash in San Diego

The Benefits of Selling To Home Investors

The biggest benefit is that you can do everything online with a well reviewed company like I Buy SD. With us, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Get your house sold fast: As discussed above, home buyers can buy your house quickly. It is a no-fuss transaction, and you will get your payment fast. You also do not need to meet or talk with any home investors directly. We will give you the cash offer after inspecting and appraising your inherited home.
  • No repairs are needed, and you can sell the house as it is: Cash buyers of houses do not care much about the current state of the property and will buy any property as-is, in any condition. You don’t have to lift a finger.
  • We will take care of everything: If you live outside San Diego California or the US, a home investor can handle all the necessary paperwork and make the process easy for you.
  • There are no additional fees: You can just send us the property’s address, and we will check it and send you a cash offer.

With I Buy SD, you do not need to wait and hope that someone will take your house off your hands. Instead, you can just fill out our contact form or reach us at (858) 218-0042 to schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal. And within days, you can close the deal and get your cash!

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