Ashley Lee cash house buyer in San DiegoOwning a rental property can be challenging. You must play many roles. You are the manager of the property, you collect the rent, you do repairs, and you perform a whole host of other tasks. You do all of these things under the pressure of knowing that you are legally responsible for the finances related to the property. The job of being a landlord is not easy.

It can be challenging to know when to give up all these hats and explore new options. The downsides of owning and renting a San Diego house may make you feel like the effort is not worth the reward. You may be ready to say goodbye to emergency phone calls related to maintenance, endless problems with tenants, and constantly paying one bill after another.

Tired landlords can get the relief they are looking for. We will buy your home, no matter the price range or its condition.

Some landlords find that owning and managing a rental property is just not what they hoped it would be. It may be hard to find quality people to rent the property, or its location may be difficult to access. You may want control of your life again if property management has completely taken it over. Or the constant wear and tear done to your property may feel like it is just endless.

Here are some examples of the tired landlords we can help.

cash in hand for San Diego housesI’m a Landlord with No Money to Show for It

You became a landlord because you wanted to make money. However, having tenants who pay late or don’t pay at all means you are not making any profit. Or it could be that the damage done to your property from tenants is so great that you put all the money you earned back into the house.

The number one reason tired landlords request our help is that they aren’t making money. If you are a tired landlord with no money to show for it, now is the time to change your circumstances.

I Have the Worst Tenants

Abuse of property, neglect, and constant calls from tenants are just a few of the issues that landlords deal with. Another real-life situation that landlords deal with is squatting.

In San Diego California, there are laws in place that protect landlords from squatters. However, a property owner needs to take swift action and use the appropriate legal channels to get the best results.

We can serve as your legal partners if you are dealing with squatters.

I Simply Can’t Afford to Be a Landlord

house that need repairs in San DiegoThe financial strain associated with maintaining a rental property and doing constant repairs can be overwhelming. You may be at a point where the money you get from rent simply doesn’t cover maintenance costs. In this situation, selling the property for cash in as-is condition may be your best move.

When it comes to installing carpeting, putting on a new roof, or updating the plumbing, you need to spend thousands of dollars. While all these updates and repairs are done, you can’t make money on the property because tenants can’t live in it. This is especially stressful if you rely on the income from the rental property.

You can put an end to this stress. If you are tired of evictions, late rent or no rent, property management, repairs, maintenance, and frustrating tenants, we are here to help. At I Buy SD you can sell my house fast San Diego. We purchase distressed houses from tired landlords in San Diego. Contact us to see the options that are available to you.

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