Owe Back Taxes and Need to Access San Diego County Property Equity? We’ll Buy Your House Fast! 

San Diego County City logoBack taxes can be a huge burden to carry. To avoid the penalties for back taxes and other fees associated with delinquent property tax payments, some people will try to access their San Diego County Property Equity – even if they don’t have it! I Buy SD / GG Homes in San Diego is here to help you get out from under your back taxes and back on track financially. We buy houses fast and offer our clients various services to make this process as easy as possible. Ready? Request a free cash offer today!

What Is Owing Back Taxes? 

Selling Your Home Online in San DiegoBack taxes are any property taxes that haven’t been paid on time. Once back taxes have accrued, most people find themselves unable to pay them back in addition to their regular monthly expenses. When back taxes are not dealt with, the government will typically issue a notice of back taxes before levying penalties against you.

San Diego County back taxes make up a large part of Owe back taxes in California and can be extremely hard to deal with. Sometimes, you will find that your back property taxes are more than the worth of your home, even if you have no equity! This is why it’s essential to take care of back taxes as quickly as possible – especially in San Diego County back taxes.

Back Property Taxes in San Diego County can be avoided, but it takes some work on the homeowner‘s part. If back taxes are causing you problems and you need to access your equity fast, IBuySD in San Diego is here to help!


Is It Possible To Sell My Home if I Owe Back Taxes?

One of the most common questions we get from people who owe back taxes is whether or not they can sell their homes if they still owe back taxes. The answer isn’t wholly straightforward because each case is different, and it will depend on several variables such as:

  • How much back tax debt you have accumulated
  • How many months back your back taxes go back
  • What your back tax debt is in comparison to the value of your home
  • And other factors such as whether or not you have back taxes in other counties.

As a result, the situation surrounding back property taxes should be carefully considered before deciding if you should sell your home or not.

Owing Back Taxes? I Buy SD in San Diego Can Help!

BBBSelling your home with back taxes in San Diego can be a stressful process. Luckily for you, GG Homes can help, and we’re offering free no-obligation cash offers for back property tax debt! With back taxes, dealing with the IRS or another government agency can feel like a battle that you’ll never win. It’s time to stop fighting back taxes and let us buy your house fast for cash!

We, Will, Buy Your House in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Request a free back taxes cash offer
  2. We’ll visit your back taxes property and make a back offer on it within 24 hours.
  3. Get paid quickly!

Don’t let the back property tax debt keep you up at night – let I Buy SD – GG Homes in San Diego help you get back on track financially!

Selling Your House With IBuySD.com Means No Hassle!

Ashley Lee cash house buyer in San DiegoYou have been thinking about selling your house in San Diego for a while now. Every time you try, though, it just doesn’t feel right. You’re still paying back taxes on the property, or you want to get specific repairs done before putting it back on the market. Maybe all of the above! Either way, we have as is  selling solutions as cash buyers for houses for your family. In so doing, you will avoid having to:

  • Meet Realtors
  • Make expensive repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Stage the inherited property
  • Open houses and strangers in your home
  • Considering offers that may or may not close
  • Need to pack and move out of your schedule. . .and so much more!

We buy houses in San Diego for cash, fast. If you’d like to get started with an offer, please fill out the form on this page or call (858) 218-0042. We will get back to you right away.

For more information on how  you can sell my house fast San Diego or how we can buy your house for cash, please visit www.ibuysd.com.


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