How To Sell San Diego Homes Fast To Buy Your New House

How to Determine Fair Market Value for Your San Diego Home

How to Determine Fair Market Value for Your San Diego Home

Buying a home is more complex than buying a new pair of pants. If you don’t like the pants, you can return them or sell them to a thrift shop to get your money back. With a home, it’s not so easy.

If you’re hoping to purchase a new home, quickly selling your existing one is crucial. San Diego houses are getting increasingly expensive and selling for a current median price of $880,000 from $770,000 in 2022. Interest rates are also skyrocketing, with an average of 6.54% for 30-year fixed mortgages.

Read below to find out the easiest way to sell San Diego homes fast to buy your new house.

Get Access to Equity To Buy a New Home 

The easiest way to buy a new house is by tapping into the trapped equity you’ve built up in your current San Diego home. Equity is the disparity between the worth of your property and how much is owed on it. If you’ve lived in your San Diego home for a while, you may have built quite a bit of equity.

Ways to access your home equity to buy your new home include:

Selling your home is the fastest way to access your equity, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

San Diego County City logoLet’s face it. Your home likely isn’t in top condition and needs a few repairs here and there. The repairs alone can take up lots of time and money. Then, there’s the hassle of finding a real estate agent and a buyer. This can take months, costing you the chance to buy your new dream home as soon as possible.

Your best bet is cash buyers of houses who can make you an all-cash offer. These buyers are usually investors specializing in buying San Diego homes in their current condition and making them livable again, which means they won’t require any repairs from you. And because they pay with cash, the entire transaction can be finalized in a few days.

The Process and Benefits of a Cash Sale

If you’ve decided that selling your San Diego home to a cash buyer like IBUYSD is the best method for you, here’s a step-by-step guide to how the process usually goes:

  • Find a local cash house buyer: Start by researching cash buyers in your area who specialize in buying San Diego homes.
  • Get a cash offer: Once you’ve found the best buyer, they will send someone to inspect your home thoroughly to determine the fair market value and make a cash offer.
  • Close the deal: Once you accept the cash offer, sign the paperwork, and you will receive the cash, usually within days.

Selling your home can be done in three simple steps. It’s that quick and convenient.

There are multiple advantages to selling your home to a cash buyer, such as:

  • No need for repairs: Whether your old home has mold or flood and water damage, cash buyers will take your home in its current condition.
  • No fees or commissions: Since cash buyers don’t rely on traditional financing to purchase homes, they can pay the total amount in cash and won’t require you to pay any commissions or fees.
  • Flexible closing dates: Cash buyers are flexible with closing dates, so you can decide a date that works for you.
  • Fast process time: Since cash buyers don’t have to wait for bank approvals, the process can take just a few days.

For many San Diego homeowners, selling their homes to a cash buyer is the fastest and most convenient way to get access to equity so they can buy their new house. With a few simple steps and no repairs, you can sell your old San Diego home and purchase your new one in days.

Get a Cash Offer: I BUY SD Offers the Most for Your Property

If you’re looking to sell your San Diego home quickly, a cash buyer like I BUY SD is the best way to access your equity and get your dream property while avoiding expensive repairs and time-consuming processes. At I BUY SD, we offer the most for your property and close quickly on your terms to sell my house fast San Diego.

If a deal to buy your old house falls into your lap, you don’t just let it pass by. Contact us today to access your free instant cash offer.

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