Southern California is full of homeowners that have older homes. Many times, they have no idea what to do with these aging homes. Older homes are harder to sell than new homes. Fortunately, there is a way to sell even the most old and run-down of homes without a problem and for a fair price.

Whether you have lived in the property for years or inherited it from a parent or grandparent, we can help you get the cash you want for any house. While older homes involve a different market than your average home, our experts know how to help.

A Proven Track Record

We have excelled at selling homes by understanding five distinctive qualities unique to older properties.

We Focus on Buying Old San Diego Homes

We are specialists when it comes to buying older San Diego homes and you can look over our many customer testimonials as evidence of our experience. Our clients love the approach our team members take because they are fanatical about helping you come up with a solution for your aged house.

We Can Convert Older Homes Into Cash Faster Than Using Traditional Methods

We have an easy process for converting your old house into money with as little stress as possible. Either give us a call or fill out a form online. We will then reach out to you to discuss the specifics of your situation. The next step is a meeting at the property where we make a proposal. If you’d prefer to meet virtually, we are good with that too.  You are under no obligation to accept our offer! The final step of our process, accepting the cash offer, involves you receiving quick payment in exchange for the property.  You can also leave behind any unwanted personal belongings.

Do Not Worry About Mold, Termites and So On

Mold and termites can both degrade the wood in an old home. When you have one, you often have both because mold enriches the flavor of the termite’s food (wood) and encourages laying a nest for new generations. While mold removal is already costly in a new home, the costs are much worse in a home that has been around for a few decades.

Our as-is sales remove such worries regarding mold and bugs. We also take care of the mold’s cause, likely a water issue somewhere within the home. Solving water problems in older homes tends to be tougher to find and manage due to the character of the home. Remember, you do not just worry about your mold and termite problems but you also have to contend with the costs incurred from having said problems identified, solved and prevented.

Do Not Worry Over a Moldy Home

Mold does nothing but add stress and complication to selling a home. While treating mold in a home carries its own stress, homes plagued with a history of fungus tend to be sharply scrutinized by potential buyers and also home inspectors. It is better to just sell these homes and their problems to another party that is well-equipped to handle the repairs.

We Turn the Old Into Gold

We not only buy and sell old homes, we also do our best to renovate them into something appealing and respectable in counties like Encanto and Spring Valley and . It is one of the foundations of our company that customers most appreciate. We do our best to turn eyesores into jaw-droppers.

While many San Diego cash home buyers just buy and sell for a quick turn around, we know our customers appreciate our willingness to go the extra mile on every property we purchase in San Diego. Call I Buy SD today to get a fast and fair cash offer for your older properties.

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