Help! I cannot afford to fix up my San Diego House. What Can I do?

Selling a home can be more expensive than you think. Though housing prices are relatively high in the San Diego area, the houses that seem imperfect can have a hard time selling. Unfortunately, those who can afford to repair their homes might find themselves stuck in a home they still need to sell.

There are a number of different options available for those who are low on funds and still need to sell. Some might take a chance on selling their homes without making major changes, while others might take out huge loans to bring their homes up to the standards of their neighborhood. There are hard choices that have to be made, but what’s important is that sellers understand the options that are available to them.

Below are a handful of methods that cash-strapped homeowners can use to add a little bit of extra value to their homes.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

There are few home upgrades that give you more bang for your buck than a new coat of paint. It doesn’t cost much to paint a few rooms, with most whole-home painting projects topping out at a few thousand dollars. Not only can this make all of your rooms look refreshed, but it can also help you to radically change the way that your would-be buyers see your space.

Hardware Upgrades

It seems like nothing ages in a home quite as fast as the hardware on your drawers and cabinets. Always early victims of wear and tear, these items are easy to replace for a few dollars each. A good swap of your kitchen hardware can make your cabinets and drawers look like new, and doing so only takes the ability to successfully use a screwdriver.

Focus on the Fixtures

If hardware is the first part of your house to show its age, your fixtures are definitely next. It’s a little more expensive to replace a faucet or a lighting fixture than it is to replace a drawer pull, but it’s actually not nearly as pricey, or as difficult, as some might expect. Simply updating all of the fixtures in your home can be an excellent way to make it look more modern while still saving  you money rather than looking towards bigger repairs.

Raise Cash by Selling Old Items

Though minimalism might be in right now, the truth is that most homes are full of items that don’t serve much of a purpose. If you know that you need money for major repairs or renovations, it might be time for you to start thinking about selling those items that aren’t doing you much good. Selling off old, unused electronics or even furniture that’s seen better days can be a good way to add to your bank account and get you what you the funds you need to make your home repairs a possibility.

Remove the Problems

There are some problems in your home that might be costly to repair are actually relatively easy to remove. It can be tough and expensive to get the smell out of carpet, for example, but it doesn’t take much time, or money, to remove that carpet and replace it with something else. Likewise, completely removing old pieces of hardware from the walls or even throwing out old furniture and leaving an empty space can end up doing more good for your home than you might realize.

Sell Us Your Home

While all of the tips above are useful, they’re not feasible for everyone. You may not have the time, the ability to do the work, or even the funds needed to take care of those simple fixes. Don’t despair, though as we are more than happy to buy your San Diego property as is, including  homes that are in need of costly repairs. We’re capable of buying homes in as little as a week, as well as getting cash to those who need it in a hurry. If you’re looking to sell your home in San Diego quickly and for a fair price, I BUY SD is more than happy to help you to accomplish your goals.

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