San Diego County City logoYou’re finally ready to put your property on the market, but your plans are disrupted by some issues found during an inspection that you’re unaware of: cracks, mold, and structural damage. There are a lot of issues that could cause these, but the most dreaded one is a termite infestation. This creates so many other problems that will make it difficult for you to sell your property.

Fortunately, there are still a few ways you can find buyers and sell your property. At I Buy SD, we’ve shared solutions you can try to sell a house with termite damage in San Diego, California. Keep reading to learn more!

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What Is Termite Damage?

BBBTermites treat wood as their primary source of food, and wood is one of the most prevalent materials used in a property. The damage happens during an infestation, ruining the integrity and stability of your property without your knowledge. Unfortunately, issues can happen anywhere you’ll find wood: the ceiling, under the house, the sides, etc.

If you don’t recognize the signs of termite damage, your home inspector will. Pinholes, buckling wood, bubbling or peeling paint, and swollen floors are just some of the signs to watch out for. Because termites degrade wood, your entire property can become a safety hazard, especially if it’s an older residence. Selling it then becomes a major challenge.

Sell a House With Termite Damage in San Diego California

  1. Eliminate the Termites – It goes without saying, but removing the termites should be the first thing you’ll need to do before selling the house. You can try removing them on your own, but we recommend hiring pest control companies. These professionals know what to look for, such as mud tubes, swollen wood, and the heart of the colony itself. Plus, they have the skills and solutions to eliminate the bugs and prevent re-infestation. That way, you can prevent further damage from happening.
  2. Get Your Property Reinspected – Once the termites are gone, you’ll want to get a reinspection to certify that your property is termite-free and safe. That way, buyers will have peace of mind knowing they’re not committing to a property with ongoing issues. You can also ask potential buyers to select their own inspector, so they’ll have more confidence in their choice. Of course, replacing the damaged wood and structures is another conversation altogether.
  3. Proactive Prevention Is Key – A termite infestation won’t happen if you prevent it from occurring in the first place. If you have a new home that you plan to sell in the future, it’s best to take proactive action. This step has become necessary in San Diego and California, which are considered some of the top places in the U.S. for termite infestations.  You can ask pest control companies to put preventative measures like repellents. You can also add fine mesh screens to vents, treat the soil for subterranean termites, and repair cracks where they can enter.
  4. Make Sure To Get a Warranty – Once you’ve had a pest control or termite removal company handle the infestation, make sure to get a warranty, which provides the guarantee that the insects won’t return after the treatment. If the bugs do return, the company will take care of them at no charge. This is also a way to eliminate the anxieties of potential buyers for reinspection.
  5. Be Honest With Potential Buyers – To potential buyers, you should be upfront about termite damage on your property. That way, they know what they’re in for from the start. Show them the areas where damage happened, and let them know what you did to address the issue. In addition, you can share helpful tips and repair processes that helped you eliminate the infestation. Sharing all these — and putting them into writing during the closing period — will cover you from any problems in the future.
  6. Sell It to a Cash Buyer – You can do all of the tips we shared above, but having termite damage will still discourage most buyers. Thankfully, there are still cash buyers of houses willing to buy the property as is — no need for repairs, treatments, or staging. Companies like I Buy SD purchase homes in San Diego County with fair cash offers. You’ll get rid of your house in a matter of days.

San Diego’s Most Trusted Cash Home Buyer Since 2015

I Buy SD offers fast and easy solutions for distressed properties in any condition, whether it’s a residential or rental property. It’s not just limited to homes with termite damage. We buy these homes with cash, allowing owners to get the money they need and get rid of the property. We’ll buy your home regardless of the reason, whether you’re relocating, going through a divorce, or facing bankruptcy.

You also won’t have to worry if the property is in bad condition. Our company will purchase it even if there’s fire damage, unfinished construction, or an abundance of trash. If your property has large tax liens, low equity, title issues, and other financial problems, we’ll still buy it. We’re the quick and easy way to rid yourself of all these problems.

To get a fast free cash offer, visit our site today to sell my house fast San Diego!

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