Selling a House that Needs Lots of Repairs  There are times you choose to finally let go of your home after many years of a comfortable stay. Sometimes, the house might not be in good shape, and you could wonder if anyone will be willing to purchase it. The home might have many problems that

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How To Sell a House Fast in San Diego Even With Problems Selling a less than perfect house can be tough in San Diego, California. Many people do not understand the challenges that come with selling a problem home for the first time. That’s why it is always a good idea to use a company

Selling San Diego Houses As-is

How to Best Sell Your San Diego Home As-Is Are you a property owner in San Diego, California, faced with a tough decision? Are you wondering whether you should sell your home as-is, or should you put money into fixing your home before you list it on the market? If you are undecided on the

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We Buy Vacant Homes It can be really tough to sell a San Diego property. You may get quotes that are far less than what the home is worth, or you may not even get any offers at all. There aren’t too many things more troubling than needing money when you don’t have it, and

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 Want To Sell Your Inherited Property In San Diego? We Have A Guide For You Now  I Want To Sell My Inherited House In San Diego You just inherited a home. You decide you do not want it after all. The only natural thing to do next is sell your inherited property or home. What

Zillow Zestimates Explained

How accurate are Zillow home price/value estimates? When you are thinking about selling your home by listing online or buy selling to home buying companies like I BUY SD, it is easy to get carried away by imagining everything you will do with all that lovely fresh cash from the home sale. But more than

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Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues?   Even if you have a brand new construction home in pristine condition listed at a bargain price, it can still be challenging to actually make that sale. When your home for sale is neither new nor pristine, and especially if there are structural issues with the

San Diego Distressed Properties For Sale

Homeowners often assume that selling a distressed property is time-consuming, difficult and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, distressed property sales can be completed quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. If you’re selling a house and you want to avoid any hassles, check out our top ten tips for selling a