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All of your costs, fees, and adjustments are rolled into your final offer. The amount we offer is the amount you receive, no strings attached.

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GG Homes I Buy SD’s team will be in contact shortly with your offer. If accepted, then finalize the agreement.


The timing is completely up to you. One you accept our cash offer we close on your time. We can close in 3 days or if you need time to plan your move, we will accommodate you.

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The Benefits

of Selling to IBuySD.com

  • Traditional Real Estate Sale Process
    • Extra Fees: You may need to shell out certain percentages of the purchase price before you can even close.
    • Unsure Buyers: People can haggle or change their minds later on, leaving you uncertain and unconfident about whether you’ll close.
    • Cleaning Up: Selling a property involves making it attractive for potential buyers, which may require you to invest in repairs.
    • Open Houses: You would need to schedule showings and invite people before you can sell your house.
    • Long Timeline: Expect to wait at least two months (if you’re lucky) before you can sell your property completely.
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