The Difference Between Selling Through a Local Realtor vs Selling to GG Homes

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Are you struggling to decide whether to list your home with a local realtor after considering the pros and cons? There could be a better option for you! Besides, there’s nothing more important than getting your property sold fast while maximizing value.

Selling your house the traditional way is always an option. However, selling it to GG Homes lets you skip the waiting game and all the complex processes involved in traditional listing.

One of the striking differences between selling through a local realtor vs. selling to GG homes is the amount of money you can save. Based on our estimates, you can save a whopping $6,000 to $10,000 in realtor fees alone, if you choose to sell to us. That’s a lot of money that you can spend somewhere more important!

To help you make well-informed decisions regarding listing your property with a local realtor vs. selling to GG homes, we’ve provided a simple but thorough comparison for you.

Selling Through a Local Realtor vs. Selling to GG Homes

Commission Fees Around 6% to 10% of the total sales amount ZERO
Closing Costs Between 3% and 4% of the sales amount ZERO — All costs are on us.
Repair Costs Realtors or lenders will urge you to spend on repairs to improve the chances of selling your home. ZERO — We buy your house as-is and immediately.
Waiting Period and Other Expenses Your house may (or may not) get sold within three to six months. You’ll have to deal with maintenance and utility costs, insurance, taxes, and interest. ZERO — We can purchase your property in no time..
Cleaning and Staging Cleaning and staging your home are necessary to attract potential buyers. ZERO — We’ll take care of the cleaning, and staging isn’t necessary.
Packing You need to pack immediately to meet the buyer’s schedule. You also need to bring everything with you. You can take your time packing, and you’re free to leave the things you no longer want or need.
Showing It takes 5 to 30 times to show your property just to get a buyer. Only once — With GG Homes.
Inspection, Appraisal, and Financing Options There are local realtors who will choose to finance. Hence, inspection, appraisal, credit checks, and approval are necessary. ZERO
Closing Date One to two months after getting a buyer. You’re free to choose your closing date.
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